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Industrial Scrap Management That Builds On Lowering Costs and Enhancing Revenues

Metalink, LLC is a premier scrap management, brokerage, consulting services, and steel sales company. Based at Greenville, SC, we focus on comprehensive recycling solutions that provide revenue enhancement to our suppliers and consumers.

About Us

Metalink has one of the largest and most diversified networks in the recycling industry. Since 2012, our business has established a strategic partnership network that has over 160 processing centers across the US, Canada, and Mexico.

Our Scrap Management programs benefit the industrial manufacturing and demolition companies the most by lowering manufacturing costs and increases scrap metal revenues. We fully understand what it takes to eliminate waste and maximize your return when it comes to your recycling programs.

MetaLink LLC

Our Expertise

What Makes Us Different

  • Custom Designed Scrap Management Programs
  • Transparency
  • Customer Focused
  • Superior Revenue Enhancement
  • Market Leader

Our Experts

Our experts have the most diverse backgrounds in our industry including:

  • Steel Manufacturing (integrated & mini mill)
  • Steel Distribution
  • Scrap Management
  • Scrap Processing
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Scrap Metal Brokerage

Our Promise

Driven by the spirit to provide complete transparency and 100% customer satisfaction, we strive to become the "Premier Link” between our suppliers and our consumers by providing reliable, cost-effective, and superior metal and recycling solutions that consistently deliver exceptional results, which focus on our most important asset, “Our Customers”.

MetaLink LLC

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